Enhance your print

Personalize your custom print with any of our enhancement options below. Our team of expert designers and craftsmen can customize almost any element of your product from beautifying your photo, custom frame, mounting hardware and stands, and many other options to choose from.

All of the below options are available for selection on the product detail page after you complete your print using our Custom Print Tool. You can also purchase some items independently if a Buy Now button is displayed below.

Make your Photo Perfect

Make your photo beautiful $25

Out team of talented design experts can make your photo picture-perfect. Only available for custom built products, choose 'Beautify my photo' on the product detail page after you complete your print. Enter in what you would like our designers to change. Base price is for up-to one hour of designer work.

Cosmetic touch ups
  • Remove stray hairs
  • Remove braces
  • Brighten and/or adjust contrast
  • Whiten teeth
  • Lessen sun glare
  • Red eye removal
  • Open eyes
  • Remove blemishes / smooth skin
  • Remove shine on skin
  • Any other cosmetic changes you want...
Object removal
Have an unwanted object in your image? Our talented designers can remove them for you.

Cost covers under 1-hour of design work. If total design is estimated to be over 1-hour, additional charges may apply. All costs must be received before design work will begin.

Remove objects from background

Remove stray hairs & braces

Whiten teeth

Remove sun glare

Restore & repair a damaged photo $75

Scratches, creases, or water damage on your photo? We can help restore any damaged photo. On the product detail page of your custom built product, choose 'Restore Damaged Photo' and tell us what you would like us to correct.

Types of restoration
  • Fix scratch & crease marks
  • Add color to photo
  • Fix water damage

The level of restoration needed will be determined by our expert designer team. The base price covers up to 3 hours of design work. If additional time is needed to complete your request, you will be notified before design work starts and additional costs may apply. In the event we cannot restore your photo, we will refund you the amount minus any incurred design work.

Add color to faded photo

Fix scratches and creases

Change color of your photo $10

Personalize the your photo with these customized color options.

Add a digital texture effect $20

Enhance your photo with any of the below custom digital textures. To purchase, choose 'Digital Texture' on the product detail page when building your custom print.

Replace your photos background $25

Not happy with the background of your photo? Our designers can change it to one of our pre-selected backgrounds. Choose from any of these options when you select 'Change Background' on the product detail page when building your custom print.

Add text to your photo $10

Add a special message to your photo. Choose your font and let us know what text you want to add. Be sure to add special notes under 'Special Design Instructions' if you want the text placed in a specific location or formatted a certain way.

Custom Wood Frames

Traditional wood frame starting at $68

Bring out the brilliance of your print with a traditional frame that sits on top of your print (covering about 1/4" of your photo).

Choose between four different styles and multiple colors. You are sure to find a frame that will add a perfect accent to your art.

This style is available for

  • Gallery Wrapped Thinbar Canvas
  • MetalPix

View Frame Options

Floating wood frame starting at $45

Our floating frame collection gives the illusion that your canvas or metal is floating within the frame. The amount of space between the print and the frame varies from frame to frame, but is usually between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch wide.

Choose between two different styles and multiple colors. You are sure to find a frame that will add a perfect accent to your art.

This style is available for

  • Gallery Wrapped Thickbar Canvas
  • Gallery Wrapped Thinbar Canvas
  • MetalPix

View Frame Options


Metal backplate $15

Have a personalized metal plate pre-installed to the back of your print to remember name, date, or location of the photo.

Rounded corners on Metal print $2

Give your metal print a softer look with a rounded edge. Each metal is hand cut by our skilled craftsmen.

Mount & protect your print

Protective dust covers $7 - $12

Persevere and protect your art from dust and debris with a basic or premium dust cover. Our basic Kraft cover, provides basic protection from dust and dirt. Get the best protection when you upgrade to our Premium Tyvek® cover. The Tyvek® cover is lightweight, tear resistant, water resistant, pH neutral and acid free.

Default no cover
standard for all items
Basic Canvas dust cover
Basic protection for $7
Premium Tyvek® dust cover
Premium protection for $12

Hanging hardware $3 - $9

All of our hanging products come with standard hardware pre-installed. Canvas comes with a sawtooth hanger, Metals include double sided sticky tape, and Wall Panels include pre-drilled screw notches. You can upgrade any of this standard hardware with more deluxe options listed below by product.

Canvas Sawtooth hanger
Included free on Canvas
Canvas Hanging kit
Pre-installed for just $7 on Canvas
Double-sided Sticky Tape
Included free with Metal
Hanging Holes on Metal
2 Holes for $3 or 4 Holes for $5
Mounting Block
$8.50 installed on Metal

Combine & save $10 - $15

Purchase either our Basic or Premium hardware + protection bundles to save on total cost.

Basic Dust Cover + Hanging Kit
Basic bundle for $10
Premium Tyvek® Cover + Hanging Kit
Premium bundle for $15

Display stands $9 - 15

An essential accessory for any size Slate print and smaller Metal prints. Choose from tabletop or wall mount display options.

Black Wood Easel
4"x8" - $12
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Natural Wood Easel
4"x8" - $12
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Tall Brass Easel
7"x2.5" - $15
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Adjustable Brass Stand
3.5"x3.5" - $9
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Chrome Wall Mount
3.5"x3.5" - $12
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Wall Mount Brackets
Pre-installed - $8.50
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