Photo Slate

Print your favorite photo on a one-of-a-kind stone slate that proudly displays a cherished memory in a unique way. No two slates are cut the same, so you can be sure your slate will be both personal and unique.

Your photo won't chip off or fade over time, so you can be sure your slate will look good for a very long time. The dimensions of each rock are approximate. Your slate may be slightly smaller or larger due to variations in size from rock to rock.

Please note that due to the unique slate surface your image is applied to, it may appear with a vintage-esque like filter.

Choose your style & size

+ Choose your display option

Upgrade your slate display option with a wood easel, metal stand, or rustic hanging option. A plastic display stand is included with your slate at no additional cost.

1. Plastic Display Stand Included

By default your Slate comes with two black display feet.

2. Wood Easel $15

Upgrade to black or natural wood easel. View all options >

3. Metal Stand $9-15

Choose from metal, brass, or tall brass styles. View all options >

4. Hanging Option $12-15

Choose from twine or leather hanging options.