Word Collage Wall Art

Design a bold montage of words for an artistic twist on the classic collage. Upload your text, choose a color scheme and font, and we’ll take care of the rest! Your collage will be printed on a 1.5” thick gallery-wrapped canvas.

Choose your size & customize

How to design your collage

After you choose your size above, you'll be taken to the collage builder page where you can select the options outlined below.

Click a size above to start designing your collage

Any requested changes to words, font, color, or layout after the order is placed may incur additional design fees.

1. Build your words list

Using a text editor build a list of your words with one word or phrase per line.

Example text

Will display as

Control text size. For a word or phrase to appear larger, type it multiple times. See example above for typed~twice and typed~three~times.

Create a phrase. Keep words together by using the '~' symbol between words instead of a space. For example, you would write San Diego as San~Diego.

2. Choose a font

Select the font face you want to be used. All text must use the same font.

3. Select a color theme

Choose the look & feel of your collage with the color theme of your choice.

Indian Earthy
Milk Paints
Organic Carrot
Blue meets Orange
Chilled Summer
Black on White
White on Black

4. Select a layout

Define how you would like your text to be structured on the page.

Note: During collage creation, each word is randomly placed within the layout selected. We are unable to make changes to the position or orientation of specific words. If you would like to see your collage before it is printed, select that you would like an electronic proof (for an additional fee) on the form below.

Mostly Horizontal
Half & Half
Mostly Veritcal
Any Which Way