Photo Requirements Guide

The quality of your photo on canvas is directly influenced by the quality and/or size of the original. If the original is not a good candidate for enlarging we will let you know before processing your order

Here are a few guidelines to remember when it comes to getting the best quality picture on canvas:

  • If you are using a digital camera, set it at the highest quality/largest file size available.
  • Take the picture with little or no compression.
  • The more pixels your original picture has, the clearer it is when enlarged.
  • The larger your main subject in the picture the better

We can accept digital files in the jpg format. As a basic guide for digital picture requirements, refer to the chart below:

File Size Max Print
2 Mega Pixel 1200 x 1600 1MB 16 x 20
3 Mega Pixel 1500 x 2000 1.6 MB 22 x 28
4 Mega Pixel 1800 x 2400 2 MB 24 x 36
5 Mega Pixel 1950 x 2600 2.5 MB 30 x 40
6 Mega Pixel 2000 x 3000 2.8 MB 36 x 48

Important Copyright disclaimerWe cannot reproduce any image that is copyright protected. By submitting a photo/digital image you attest that you own exclusive rights to the photo(s) and/or have obtained a release from the photographer or studio.

No obscene or offensive pictures will be printed.


Pictures and picture frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of this we might need to crop your photo to insure it turns out the exact size you order. We will do our best to maintain as much of the original photo dimensions as possible.


Black and white photos can be transformed into colorized versions of the same picture. If you choose this Custom Photo Enhancement, please provide as much information as possible about the colors for the different parts of the picture that you can. For example: eye color, hair color, skin color, clothing color, and background color. If we have any questions, we will contact you. If you donít give us guidance on the colors we will use our best judgment.


Upload multiple family pictures to create a keepsake family collage. We have the technology to arrange all of your photos into a memorable image that tells your family history in one picture. Be sure to include clear instructions on how you would like the layout to look. We will e-mail a sample picture of the collage for approval if you like so your canvas photo turns out just how you want it.