Alex Smith   

Alex Smith discovered photography was his passion while traveling through the Caribbean between 2003-2006.  He lives in the South Bay of Los Angeles, CA, shooting the beach scenes and incredible sunsets available there.

Surreal Sunsets: Have you ever witnessed the most amazing sunset in your life, and took a photo, thinking you were going to save that awesome sunset forever?  Then what happened when you checked out the photo later?  The vibrant colors, the textured clouds, the subtle contrasts - what happened to all the magic that you saw with your own eyes??

These are HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. The process involves merging multiple exposures (Bright, Dark, Medium) so you can appreciate the textures more similarly to the way the human eye and imagination can.

Each canvas is printed with archival quality inks then stretched on 1.5 inch thick wood bars and have a gallery wrap finish. Each canvas is sized to 16x24 or 22x36.

At the Net

Beach Tractor

California Republic


Dramatic Beach

Firey Harbor

Good Morning


Jogging Surfer

Lonely Lifeguard

Off Duty



Ripples in the Sand

Rocky Start


Serene Sunrise

The Pier

Tracks in the Sand


Triple Play

Under the Pier

Vivid Sunrise


Warm Sunset


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