Welcome to PIOC

Thank you for your voucher purchase and welcome to Picture It On Canvas. Below you will find information about how to redeem your voucher and answers to other questions you may have. We look forward to receiving your order and providing you with a beautiful custom print.

Did you receive a coupon directly from us?

Simply follow the "How to redeem" instructions below to place your order. If you purchased a voucher from one of our partners, click on their logo above to learn how to retrieve your voucher code.

Where do I get my Groupon voucher?

Under the 'My Groupons' section of your Groupon account.
Copy from the Groupon Voucher you received via email

Using the Groupon Phone App? Make sure to download the latest updates to ensure your voucher codes display in the correct format.

Where do I get my Amazon Local voucher?

Log in to Amazon Local & locate the voucher in 'Your Vouchers'.

Once you find your voucher, locate the voucher code and copy it. When you have the code copied, follow the redemption instructions below.

Where do I get my Living Social voucher?

Sign into your account at livingsocial.com and click 'My Vouchers'.

Once you find your voucher, simply print your voucher and locate the voucher code. Once you have the code follow the redemption instructions below.

Ready to redeem your voucher?

Follow these simple steps to order your custom print and redeem your voucher.

  1. Build your Custom Print

Click the 'create your own' button on the top right of our site. This link is available on every page across the site.

  1. Choose your product

Click on the product type you would like to create. You can change this selection at anytime before your order is placed.

  1. Upload your image

Choose the image you want to print from either the device you are on currently while visiting the site or choose from your Instagram gallery by easily linking your Instagram account.

  1. Select the correct print size

Be sure to select the appropriate size linked with your voucher. If you purchased a 16x20 Canvas voucher, you should select the 16x20 size listed. However, you can select any larger size as well and simply pay the difference at checkout.

If you do not see your size listed, make sure to check the 'Design' selection is correct. You won't see Square sizes unless the Square Design is selected.

  1. Confirm print settings and complete print

Make sure all your selections are correct before you Complete you print. You can update any of these by click the pencil icon. If everything is good, click 'Complete Print'.

  1. Choose your options & click 'Add to Cart

On the options page you can add any enhancements or upgrades to your print. Anything from Photo correction, display stands, print protection, and custom wood frames. Select what you like and scroll down to the bottom of the page. When you are ready to checkout click 'Add to Cart'.

  1. Continue checkout

Confirm the item description in your shopping cart is correct

At this time you will NOT see a thumbnail of your custom print.

  1. Enter your billing & shipping address

Enter the shipping address you would like the order shipped to and the billing address associated with the credit card you will be using.

We cannot ship to PO Boxes. If you enter a PO Box address, your order may be delayed as we get a new address from you.

  1. Enter your voucher & complete your purchase

Enter your voucher code and click 'Redeem'. You can choose to expedite your shipping and pay the difference. Once complete, click 'Continue' and enter your credit card information not he next page. Confirm all the information and place your order.

Enter your voucher in the 'Coupon Code' field and click 'Redeem'.

Frequent Questions

My voucher expired. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend vouchers from our partners. Good news is, the amount you paid is still valid on the voucher. We recommend subscribing to our promotional emails to receive great savings on all our products.

Where do I enter my voucher to redeem?

When you enter your code you will see beneath the coupon section a message indicated your coupon has been added to the order or acceptance with the discounts applied. You may not see the discounts until you proceed to the next screen. If you are still not showing discounts, please contact customer service by phone at (858) 679-1200.

Can I buy another size?

Yes you can. Your voucher is good for the amount of the size purchased but you can upgrade to any larger size and simply pay the difference in price.

My voucher isn't working.

Make sure you copy/paste your code from your voucher. Voucher codes are case-sensitive. If it still doesn't work, contact us here. Please make sure that you have no spaces before and after your code, before you click "Redeem".

Can I use more than on Coupon/Voucher with my order?

No. At this time we only allow one coupon/voucher per order. If you have three vouchers, you must place three individual orders while redeeming one voucher per order.

Can my orders be grouped and shipped together?

No. Orders are processed, produced, and shipped on a per order basis. We cannot link multiple orders.

I didn't receive my order confirmation email

Please check your junk/spam folder for your order confirmation email. If you still cannot find it, please contact us here and we will have it resent to you.