MetalPix emblazed photos

Get a sleek & vibrant look with your photo printed on Metal. Each MetalPix is finished on a rigid but light-weight 22 gauge thick metal sheet, cut to your designated size.

You'll love the color vibrancy you get from a print on Metal. Turn your photo into a borderless metal piece of art today.

Choose from our more popular sizes Select 'All options' to choose another size

You can change your size at anytime by selecting from the Size options on the "Crop & Customize Your Print" step in our Product Builder.

Our unique photo transfer process

  1. Your photo is printed on our industrial transfer sheets.
  2. The photo sheet is then pressed to metal at 400 degrees using specialized machines. This transforms the ink into gas and transfers the photo 'into' the metal.
  3. The finished product is a beautiful & seamless metal print with deep vibrant colors.

Easily cleaned with just a sponge/rag and water

+ Choose your mounting option

You have multiple options on how you'd like your MetalPix to be mounted. You can stick with the default option at no charge or upgrade based on your needs. These options are under 'Add-ons' during the image upload process.

1. Sticky Tape Included

By default your MetalPix will include 4 double-sided 3M tape squares. More than enough to support the light-weight metal.

2. Hanging Holes $2-5

Looking to hang your MetalPix? Upgrade to hanging holes. Be aware the holes are placed in the corners of your print (as seen below). Choose from 2 or 4 holes.

3. Mounting Blocks $8.50

Float your MetalPix off the wall with our mounting blocks. We'll install these for you, which include both a hanging block and stabilizer block.

Decorative Borders

Don't like the squared look of Metal? Choose from 4 styles of decorative borders.

View borders »