Robert Gaines   

About the artist:
Robert Gaines has been a professional photographer for 30 years. Robert began as an assignment photographer in Phoenix, AZ. That means He shot anything and everything that the client might need. Difficult, challenging lighting and situations were the daily norm, creativity and perfection the standard.
Now, semi-retired, Robert has the time to pursue purely his own goals and needs. The results are the images you see here.

Artist's Statement:
I look for the simple, the dramatic, the different in every day life. You've walked by it a thousand times but never seen it just like that." I also make pretty pictures.

Selected Credits:
Recent credits include:
Art Takes Times Square: 5 Images
Steel City Art Works: 3rd Place Photo of the Week The Great Outdoors 2nd Place
New York Institute of Photography: Top 25 out of 7000
Phoenix College Art Gallery: Best of Show
Arizona Republic Annual Photo Contest: Grand Prize
Kiva Art Museum: Solo Show, Artist of the Month

Robert Gaines


Horses and Stream
Old Car
Pikes Peak
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes 2
Sky of Fire
White Flower
Wind Power