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Wholesale Account Terms and Conditions

  • This website is operated by Picture It On Canvas, Inc. (PIOC)
  • All services provided by this website may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions provided below. By using PIOC's services you agree to be bound by our terms & conditions.
  • PIOC reserves the right to make modifications and changes to these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Up to date terms and conditions will always be available at

In order to open an account with "PIOC", users must first complete the registration form provided. Opening an account with "PIOC" is free of charge. PIOC reserves the right to terminate user's accounts without notice.


Payment is accepted using the following: Credit or Debit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

  • Digital images may be uploaded to the website. Images uploaded must be in the JPG file format. Images submitted in formats not specified by the upload procedure may not be accepted.
  • As detailed below, PIOC accepts no responsibility for the copyright or licensing issues of files submitted to be printed. It is the users sole responsibility to ensure he/she has permission to use/disseminate/reproduce the files uploaded. User agrees to hold harmless PIOC in the event of challenges to copyright infringements.
  • Users are not permitted to remove any copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property notices contained within the original material or from any material copied or printed from the website.
  • Users are not permitted to register on the behalf of another person unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Users are expressly forbidden to copy (by printing, storing, or disseminating in any way), alter or tamper in any way, or otherwise use any materials contained in this website except as set within these terms and conditions.
  • Password security and the security of the confidential information stored within user accounts is the responsibility of the user. Any damage or unauthorized usage including but not limited to copyright infringement caused by any unauthorized access arising from security failure on the part of the user will not be the responsibility of PIOC. While PIOC will make all possible efforts to ensure the privacy of users is respected, liability for compromised accounts which are the fault of the user will not fall on PIOC.
  • PIOC reserves the right to reject orders containing images not deemed appropriate for printing. PIOC reserves the right to use its own judgment in this determination.
  • PIOC will not be held responsible for the printing of images that breach the terms and conditions stated within the website and do not claim to be able to have knowledge of the legality of image print request. While PIOC will remain vigilant, it is possible that images printed by PIOC may be unlawful or offensive.
  • PIOC reserve the right at their sole discretion to contact law enforcement agents or authorities should it come to pass that anything submitted or processed by us (including images in breach of the above) is unlawful or pertinent to enquiries of a relevant nature. Copies of these images or material may be supplied to law enforcement agents and in connection, PIOC reserve the right to divulge otherwise private information to the authorities, including details stored within user accounts.
Copyrights and indemnifications
  • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all materials presented for processing are free from any third party claims for breach of copyright or license.
  • Users indemnify PIOC, its employees and agents, associates and other members against any action, claim, damages, liability, costs or expenses arising from use of this website in breach of these terms or any claim that the processing, printing, or any other dealings with PIOC in accordance with these terms of any images uploaded or otherwise supplied by or on behalf of a third party is an infringement of any party's copyright, license, trademark, or intellectual property rights.
  • PIOC will take the utmost care in ensuring privacy and confidentiality of details and images. No responsibility will be undertaken by PIOC for theft, unlawful use, etc. that has resulted from use of the Internet or other delivery method to send and receive files.

Wholesale customer shall receive up to 65% discount on all PIOC products only listed on the PIOC website. Any products that are not listed on the PIOC website will be priced by specific quote only. Any orders placed that require additional work to be done by the PIOC staff to ready them for print may incur additional charges. It is expected wholesale customers will supply images print ready including correct size, dpi resolution and color corrections. Any such additional charges will be quoted prior to completion of printing and billing, and must be approved by the wholesale customer before work is completed.

Your rights
  • Customers retain all intellectual property rights, including copyright privileges to images they have uploaded to the system. However PIOC may delete, remove or refuse to print any materials at their sole discretion and without warning.
  • We may display, modify, print, transmit, distribute or delete any of the images uploaded to PIOC or its related systems, provided that this use is necessary to provide any of the services offered by us via the web ordering process or is otherwise afforded by these terms and conditions.
  • The uploading of any image by any user must be done so lawfully and in doing so a user provides a lawfully binding agreement that they have the right to copy, modify, upload or otherwise manipulate images in relation to the web site and in accordance with these terms. Users may not upload, request or otherwise deal in relation to the web site with any images or other material without the right to do so or the express permission of affected parties/licensees.
  • PIOC will operate with reasonable care in the handling the processing of all materials and data belonging to any user.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to insure any original materials or data held within 'PIOC and its related systems for the purposes of the order while in transit. PIOC therefore shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or other indirect losses, arising. Use of this website by the user constitutes acceptance of such.
  • In regards to delivery, it is the sole responsibility of the users to provide independent insurance cover for possible loss or damages incurred in delivery if they wish to do so.
  • Unless otherwise agreed by PIOC specifically in writing, any time or date specified for the completion of an order and its delivery is an estimate only and while every reasonable effort will be taken to achieve a quality of service, PIOC will not be held responsible for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, resulting from delays in completion of an order.
Data protection

Personal data supplied to "PIOC" through this website or any other related method will only be used in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  • A user may only consider that their order via the website for goods or services has been accepted upon receipt of written confirmation from PIOC and its related agents. This confirmation will be via email.
  • It is at the sole discretion of PIOC as to whether an order is accepted and as such PIOC are not bound to do so.
  • We reserve the right to send invites, special offers & newsletters to customer's email addresses, with an instant unsubscribe option.
Laws and jurisdiction
  • These terms (and the provision of goods and services by "PIOC") are governed by and are to be interpreted in accordance with laws in the United States and the state of California. In the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms or in relation to the provision of any services by PIOC, the California courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute.
  • The user shall indemnify PIOC and its related agents against all third party actions, costs, damages, losses and other claims of whatever nature arising out of the execution of the order in accordance with the user's instruction.